On-Line Pre-Entry Form

Hidden Haven Horse Show

Fill out information, Print for your records, then select SUBMIT at bottom of page.

1. HORSE/PONY NAME:         2. OWNER NAME:    

3. TRAINER NAME:         4. RIDER NAME:      

5. RIDER ADDRESS:         6. CITY, STATE, ZIP:    

7. RIDER E-MAIL ADDRESS:      8. TIP Number if applicable:


10.  11.  12. 13.

14. Check boxes below for the Classes you are entering:

1. Short Stirrup Equitation U/S 2. Short Stirrup Equitation O/F 3.  Short Stirrup Equitation O/F
4. Short Stirrup Hunter O/F 5. Short Stirrup Hunter O/F 6. Short Stirrup Hunter U/S
7. Pony Hunter O/F 8. Pony Hunter O/F 9. Pony Hunter U/S
10. HH/VHSA/BHSA Pony Equitation    
11.  Student Equitation Walk/Trot 12. Student Equitation Walk/Trot/Canter 13. Student Equitation O/F
14. Maiden Hunter O/F 15. Maiden Hunter O/F 16. Maiden Hunter U/S
17. Low/TIP Very Green Hunter  O/F 18. Low/TIP Very Green Hunter O/F 19. Low/TIP Very Green Hunter U/S
20.  Limit Rider Hunter O/F 21.  Limit Rider Hunter O/F 22. Limit Rider Hunter U/S
23.  Green Pony/Green Hunter O/F 24.  Green Pony/Green Hunter O/F 25 Green Pony/Green Hunter U/S
26. Schooling Hunter O/F 27. Schooling Hunter O/F 28. Schooling Hunter U/S
29. Thoroughbred/TIP Special Hunter O/F 30. Thoroughbred/TIP Special Hunter O/F 31. Thoroughbred/TIP Special Hunter  U/S
32. Children's/Adult Amateur Hunter O/F 33. Children's/Adult Amateur Hunter O/F 34. Children's/Adult Amateur Hunter U/S
35. HH/VHSA/BHSA Children's Adult Amateur Eq    
36. Open Hunter O/F 37. Open Hunter O/F 38. Open Hunter U/S
39. Lead Line 40. Beyond Lead Line Walk 41. Beyond Lead Line II Walk Course
42. HH/VHSA/BHSA Childrens/Adult Amateur Equitation on the Flat          
43. Pleasure Horse - Walk/Trot 44. Pleasure Horse - Go As You Please 45. Pleasure Horse - Walk/Trot/Canter
46. Pony Pleasure - Walk/Trot 47. Pleasure Pony - Go As You Please 48.  Pleasure Pony - Walk/Trot/Canter
49. Pre Short Stirrup Eq - Walk  50. Pre Short Stirrup Eq - Walk/Trot 51. Pre Short Stirrup Eq - Walk/Trot/Poles
52. Pre Short Stirrup Eq II Poles  53. Pre Short Stirrup Eq II Poles  54.  Pre Short Stirrup Eq II Walk/Trot 
55. Special Hunter Walk/Trot 56. Special Hunter Walk/Trot 57. Special Hunter O/F
58. Special Hunter II 59. Special Hunter II 60. Special Hunter II
61. TIP Cross Rails O/F 62. TIP Cross Rails O/F 63. TIP Cross Rail Walk/Trot
64. California Warm-Up    






20. CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON BELOW, to complete registration.


Entry Fees: $5 Grounds Fee charged by The Meadow Event Park.  Post entry fee add $2 per class. 

$40 per Division or $15 per Class,  $20 HH/VHSA/BHSA Equitation - FLC/FLPC. 

$15 Non-showing Schooling.  $15 CA warm up, ride Course B.    Stalls $30 each.

Annual Administration fee is $20.

$25 Fee for Returned Checks.

Entries received after Saturday 6pm before the show you are entering will be considered a post entry. There is no charge if the rider is not able to show.

Entering a class or schooling at this Show constitutes an agreement that the exhibitor will not hold the Management, Staff or Volunteers of Hidden Haven, The VHSA/BHSA, TIP or The Meadow Event Park are responsible for any loss or injury due to intrinsic dangers of equine activities.

The Equine Activity Liability laws of the State of Virginia, Va. Code Ann. Sec. 3.1-796.130, state among its statutory provisions that, “NOTICE: Intrinsic dangers in equine activities, include (i) the propensity of equines to behave in ways that may result in injury, harm or death to persons on or around them; (ii) the unpredictability of an equines reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement, and unfamiliar objects, persons, or other animals; (iii) certain hazards such as surface and subsurface conditions; (iv) collisions with other animals or objects; and (v) the potential of a participant acting in a negligent manner that may contribute to injury to the participant or others, such as failing to maintain control over the equine or not acting within the participant’s ability.” No participant nor any participant’s parent, guardian, or representative shall have or make any claim against or recover from any equine activity sponsor, equine professional, or any other person for injury, loss, damage, or death of the participant resulting from any of the intrinsic dangers of equine activities.

Print Completed Form for your records before submitting. Thank You.


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